New 457 changes will affect Cooks, Chefs and Hospitality Managers

As of the 19 April 2017 a caveat is in place for these occupation which excludes positions involved in mass production in a factory setting and positions in a limited service restaurant. A limited service restaurant includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • fast food or takeaway food services;
  • fast casual restaurants;
  • drinking establishments that offer only a limited food service;
  • limited service cafes;
  • limited service pizza restaurants.

A caveat is in place for this occupation which excludes any of the following positions:

  • related to mass or standardised production, including positions based in a franchise or factory, as opposed to specialist production;
  • that involve full or partial production of food product for distribution to another location;
  • that predominantly involve the use of pre-prepared food product from another location.

Transitional (457’s):

  • Pending applications with removed occupation should (Withdraw & Refund)
  • 457 applications currently pending & lodgements on or after 19 April 2017 will obtain four (4) year visa if occupation is on (MLTSSL), or obtain a two (2) year visa for occupations on the (STSOL).
  • Transitional may apply from 457 to PR, government will make further announcements on this.

Three Main Groups of Caveated Occupations

A caveat is a proviso of specific stipulations, conditions, or limitations.

  • Group A: caveats relating to work experience only
  • Group B: caveats related to regional location
  • Group C: occupation specific caveats


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